Our goal is to take the leading positions in the market for the delivery of the best equipment and technologies for the country’s industrial sector.

We offer highly efficient technologies and appropriate engineering solutions for the development of the Russian industry.


  • Cost reduction, business processes automation
  • Introduction of new products and brands to the Russian market
  • Market share increase
  • Customer retention



– Publicity
We don’t hide anything; we are open to discuss mistakes and the ways of their recovery. It is okay to make mistakes, unacceptable is to disguise and repeat them.

– Thinking ahead
We work and progress to hold leading market positions, leaving the competitors behind and exceeding the customers’ expectations, providing advanced solutions, technologies and services.

– Striving for the top
We set ambitious goals and achieve them with high commitment and passion for our work, not ready to rest.

– Reliability
We provide qualitative service from the moment of technology and equipment selection to the end of its life.

– Customer orientation
Our customer is a purpose and meaning of our everyday work! We specialize on solving any even ‘impossible missions’!

– Solidarity
We share a common goal, support and help each other.

– A team of professionals
We operate as one team, are quick at mastering new trends and meeting any challenges.