Heads of Vekprom Company Visited the Production of CBC (Italy)

30 March 2018

On the 26th of March 2018 the heads of the company VEKPROM visited again the CBC production in Gwastall, Italy. The President of CBC Company personally presented a new extended product line from the mounting tooling for laying copper and metal-plastic pipes for heating to the powerful stationary pipe processing machines.

There is a constant modernization of manufacturing production on the fabric. So, manual pipe bending machines, similar to those of REMS, RIDGID, ROTHENBERGER, were introduced, but as for the difference they had the possibility to bend metal-plastic and copper pipes up to 50 mm. Also an updated line of press tools and flaring tools for connecting pipes to be laid were presented to heads of Vekprom company.

The industrial group VEKPROM is a distributor of CBC. At the meeting an agreement was reached on exclusive rights to supply CBC products on the territory of the customs union. The constant cooperation of the companies helps to solve operatively issues on service maintenance.