Being prepared for work, Anatoly saw a fire in the neighboring house. Without hesitation Anatoly found himself at the scene of the disaster and rescued 10 and 11-years old children as well as their mother. All three were panic-stricken and could not make any right evacuation decisions. The most difficult thing was to find their grandmother in the apartment because of the smoke. Anatoly found an elderly woman out of condition on the floor in a closed room and rescued her. This year the woman has turned 70 years old.
Thanks to Anatoly all the family is now safe and sound and celebrates the second birthday. Anatoly maintains friendly relationship with the family.

Anatoly has been awarded by the Head of Ramenskoye town Victor Nevolin with the medal named “For valor and courage in case of fire”.

Dear Anatoly, we admire your outstanding bravery and humanity!

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