The contractor turned to our company’s experts in order to increase welding capacity and induce automated welding of the receivers’ circumferential seams. This cooperation made it possible to finish the project on automated welding of the receivers to be used later to store the refrigerant inside the industrial refrigeration units with operating pressure in 28 atm. The unit represents a rack supplied with two sets of attachments for welding under flux and a system for lifting and fixing the workpiece.

A delivery set for girth weld under flux includes:

Upper section:

D2C control board with a menu bar in Russian;
A motorized carriage equipped with a controlling joystick, an inductive sensor and a power unit SUBARC 5;
A wire feeder DX7;
An under flux welding torch;
A welding source STARMATIC 650DC;
The VENTURI flux collection system;
A laser pointer.
Lower section:

A driven manipulator of the HEADMATIC TOP series, equipped with a pneumatic clamp;
A HEADMATIC TOP manipulator with a pneumatic clamp;
A hydraulic lift table for loading the parts.

During the implementation of the project, the specialists from “VEKPROM” delivered the equipment to the contractor’s plant, undertook installation and commissioning works, testing and tuning of welding regimes and also provided training of the maintenance staff.