Vekprom has signed a contract and successfully completed the pre-acceptance at the manufacturing plant (PROMOTECH, Poland) of the unique and one-of-a-kind, OXY-FUEL CUTTING AND WELDING MACHINE, МСМ-4000. The testing of the machine was performed jointly with the customer’s engineers. While being tested МСМ-4000 machine cut the aperture in the shell with a wall thickness of 80mm and in the 50mm stainless steel sheet as well. The machine complies fully with the stated capabilities and technical specifications and has been accepted without complaints.

MCM machine benefits:

1 – simple and easy software, requiring neither any CNC programming, nor costly operator’s training unlike the robotic systems. After the desired aperture data has been input or the workpiece to be welded-in has been scanned, the program sets all the cutting and welding parameters automatically without operator’s assistance.

2 – one operator is capable to perform oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting/welding using one and the same machine.

3 – SAW or FCAW welding

4 – If required, MCM machine allows manual or semi-automatic adjustment of the torch position during welding process.

5 – due to the machine ability to scan the part subject to further manual or automatic weld-in in the aperture, all the deviations are considered and the cut hole matches the part geometry precisely.

6 – МСМ reduces time- and financial expenditures for cutting and welding operations thanks to the precise hole preparation for welding. As opposed to the manual cutting and welding process the time expenditures are reduced by 3-4 times.

7 — WiFi monitoring / on-line connection for remote diagnostics

In spite of PROMOTECH many years’ experience in production of МСМ-4000 machines, a big job has been done before starting the manufacturing process and acceptance: agreement and fulfillment of the customer’s all requirements, preparation of the technical documentation in the Russian language, etc. This machine is the only one that has been installed in Russia for now, but we are sure that its performance and capabilities will be highly evaluated by the customer.