4 December 2018

In November, 2018, the Husqvarna company organized a trip for our specialists to the brand’s home country-Sweden.

Our tour began by visiting a plant that manufactures dismantling equipment in the town of ASBRO (260 km from Göteborg).

The acquaintance with the plant started with a presentation of the company talking step by step about the history of the brand that has more than 300 years now. The visit included an excursion across the plant where we could see the lines of assembly for manufacturing wall saws, dismantling robots-Husqvarna DXR and diamond drilling facilities.

The product quality control is exercised at each stage of assembly. We were shown a laboratory where all necessary testing and “strength check” are conducted.

The second day was very busy, it started with our visit to a plant where the diamond tools are manufactured. At this factory, we could see the whole production cycle of the diamond disks, diamond cutters and diamond drill bits. The Husqvarna company provides product manufacturing starting at “hot pressing” of the diamond segments up to the final stage when the product is ready to be sent to customer.

The third point to visit was a plant for hand-held diamond cutter and chainsaw manufacturing. Husqvarna is one of the few companies who use engines of their own production for their equipment. At the plant we could see all stages of production: from raw material to the finished product. The lines work almost round the clock to meet the customer demand worldwide.

Next part of our tour was a visit to the Husqvarna museum where we saw the Sweden brand’s history from the very beginning. The motorcycle unit is worth mentioning, Husqvarna managed to win the hearts of bikers from all over the world. The huge model range caused great impression. This unit has been acquired by the company KTM by now.

For good reason the Husqvarna logo (with a musket gunpoint on it) is attached to the equipment we love so much. When the company started, it used to produce weapon. In the postwar period it was making household appliances, motorcycles, sewing machines and chainsaws. Afterwards, the accustomed range of construction and gardening equipment was shaped.

A two-day training course was conducted for us at the dealership next to the city of Göteborg. In the following two days we tried the whole construction division range at work.

The compaction equipment (Atlas Copco) has joined the wide Husqvarna range this year and is displayed in the training center. We saw the equipment in a new bright color and made sure the construction is still the same, without changes. It means that the usual vibratory plate compactors, immersion vibrators, concrete finishing machines as well as vibrating screeds are going to cheer up the builders for long years after purchase.

We express our gratitude to the company “Husqvarna” LLC for an excellent training course!