The seminar “Automatization of welding and cutting in bridge constuction”

17 November 2017

On the 15th November 2017 on the basis of the bridge building company “Voronezhstalmost” representatives of the company Air Liquide Welding held a seminar “Automatization of welding and cutting in bridge construction”, where experts of VEKPROM Company took a direct part.

 Among those who attended this event were experts-welders from various industries, the leaders of bridge construction in Russia – JSC “Borisov plant of bridge metal constructions” named after V.A. Sklyarenko, ZAO “Kurganstalmost”, large metalworking enterprises such as – ZMK from Engels, Chelyabinsk Metal Structures Plant, shipbuilding yards – Yaroslavsky Shipyard, etc.

The chief of the design and technology bureau of ZAO Voronezhstalmost Yury spoke the first. He shared with his colleagues the experience of operating the SAF-FRO manual welding equipment; he also explained automatic installation of portal type for orthotropic plates welding of automatic PLASMATOME plasma cutting systems.

Further participants of the seminar were invited to the welding department, where welding machines were demonstrated at work.

Air Liquide Welding is a long-term and strategic partner of JSC “Voronezhstalmost” in the field of welding. Automated welding installations SAF-FRO for years of operation, mainly with three-shift operation mode, proved their reliability and advantages.

At the seminar part of the time was devoted to the simplest, but very effective means of welding mechanization – welding carriages WELDYCAR. These carriages “run” in the welding manufactory of CJSC “Voronezhstalmost” for many years and replace the manual labour of the welder, making the welding seams flawless. The carriages run on a battery and work in tandem with any welding semi-automatic machines.

As for the novelties, the PythonX machine was introduced – it is a high-precision robotic plasma cutting machine that allows one unit to perform the following operations – drilling, mechanical cutting, gas cutting, marking, chamfering, etc., which would require several machines, much more time and several operators. The photo shows the beam processed by the PythonX machine.

Great interest was caused by the new system of control and administration of welding control SWAN CLOUD. It was presented by Air Liquide Welding company at the international welding exhibition in Dusseldorf some time ago and then we had got an opportunity to introduce to the invited welders the capabilities of this system within the seminar.

We would like to thank all participants of the seminar as well as the management of the enterprise “Voronezhstalmost” for participating in the organization of this meeting.