7 February 2017

In February, in order to improve the qualification of technical and service support, VEKPROM employees received training and internships from our partner – GEKA (Spain), at the enterprise for manufacturing punching presses and automatic lines.

A world-famous company based in San Sebastian, Spain, provides VEKPROM with dealership on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as provides technical and service support.

The Spanish company GEKA has a huge production experience – more than 90 years. During this time more than 80 000 consumers purchased products that meet ISO9001 world standards in more than 85 countries around the world. The model range of the company includes more than 50 different models and 8000 accessories. A distinctive feature of the enterprise is the possibility of manufacturing any non-standard equipment.

Employees of VEKPROM have got skills of service and technical capabilities of such automatic lines as ALFA 500/150 for sheet processing, GAMMA GT250 for processing corners, SIGMA 110 for processing I-beams. Also, the latest NC system, which is part of the production automatic lines, was studied. After passing the training the workers passed practical training on the assembled models of equipment.