10 April 2017

Our experts visited the technical welding center Air Liquide Welding located 60 km from Paris, in the city Pont-Saint-Maxans.
There is a department dealing directly with scientific and research and development, training and demonstration halls in this center.
On the basis of the center they test new technologies as well as run welding tests on customers’ samples, if a customer wants to be sure in the capabilities of equipment, its performance, safety and reliability on practice.

The purpose of this trip was to get acquainted with the equipment for welding automatization, to look at the equipment by operation, as well as to understand the features of the equipment. During a week in the technical center the following processes were studied and demonstrated:

  • Automatic submerged arc welding of the thick materials

  • Automatic TIG welding

  • Automatic MIG/MAG welding

  • Strip cladding by the submerged arc welding

For several days our experts had been studied and demonstrated manual welding equipment. Air Liquide Welding constantly improves the capabilities of manual welding equipment in this field. SAF-FRO equipment combines reliability, new technologies, as well as it is easy to use for the welder.

One of the new MIG / MAG processes is Pure Control Metall (PCM). This process makes it possible to weld small thicknesses with a galvanized surface, or with any other protective surface, it has good performances by welding the root seam, the process is not exacting to the gap.

Our company thanks the experts of Air Liquide Welding – Mark Pifer, Erik Louvier, Laurent Surde, Alan Laurent for the quality training of the VEKPROM company’s experts. Also, we express a special gratitude for the organization and support of the meeting to Igor Liebman.