Equipment demonstration at customer’s production and facilities.

You can request a test demonstration of equipment at your production or facility. Make sure that the equipment fulfills your task.

How to request a demo:
- Contact a sales manager
- Specify if there is an opportunity to demonstrate the problem solving using our equipment
- Set time and date for the demo

Demonstration of Universal Robots’s task

Demonstration of the solution to the client's task using XTLaser machine

Demonstration of the solution to the client's problem using a collaborative robot and a welding power source

Equipment testing in our showroom

We invite you to visit our 600 m² showroom at Zhukovsky, st. Chkalova, 50.

It offers more than 100 units of equipment ready for demonstration.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit our showroom, we are ready to shoot a video of the equipment you are interested in, according to your terms of reference, or to demonstrate the equipment at your facility.

Our specialists will always take into account your wishes , requirements for equipment , specific aspects of the work performed , and will offer the optimal set of equipment you need.

Metalworking equipment

CNC Machines

Welding equipment

Construction equipment



We are able to resolve all issues related to both complex supply of equipment at the level of world standards and its effective implementation in the industry.