28 April 2018

The meeting between the staff of Vekprom company and representatives of FEIN Elektrowerkzeuge was held on the 27th of April where the representatives of FEIN made a presentation of metal sheet and pipe processing equipment.

FEIN company was founded in 1867 by Wilhelm Emil Fein. The first electric drill was invented by FEIN that’s why this company is considered the father of metal drilling worldwide. The FEIN company has been in the market for more than 150 years. At the beginning they started with production of various electrical equipment like fire alarms, telephones, coffee machines.

Now FEIN produces such types of equipment as:

  • Magnet drilling machines
  • Manual electric tools
  • Belt sanders GRIT

Vekprom Company has been selling metalworking equipment for more than 10 years and cooperation with FEIN gives us an opportunity to provide our clients with the full range of pipe, metal sheet and profile processing equipment.

We appreciate FEIN Elektrowerkzeuge company for such informative training and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.