2 March 2017

In February 2017, experts of the Industrial Group VEKPROM visited CEVISA in San Sebastian, Spain.

It is very important to note that all parts and tools for the machine tools are produced directly at the enterprise, which excludes the failure of the production timeframe. The experts of the company are ready to provide service support without delays. All spare parts and consumables are available.

The quality control of CEVISA products is tested. This production setting ensures the durability of the machines for decades without repair.

The beginning of the cooperation between VEKPROM and CEVISA will allow us to expand the opportunities for all our customers, choose the best machine option for any production. And also organizes the operative work of the service department in terms of providing the necessary consumables and spare parts.

Evolution of CEVISA machines

The CEVISA brand started manufacturing machines 47 years ago. From year to year the production volumes were increased, new models of machine tools were developed. CEVISA is the first manufacturer of high-performance edge-splitting machine tools, from which the era of their perfection began.

The modern updated line of CEVISA machines guarantees to its customers reliable and time-tested chamfering units, which allow to reduce preparatory time for welding, thereby increasing the productivity of work at many times.

Experience in the development and production of chamfering machines since 1967.

80% of the company’s output is export.

Distributors are in over 60 countries around the world.

More than 20 types of CEVISA products are edge-splitting and edge-milling machines for preparing any surfaces for welding. Unlike other manufacturers, such machines operate almost silently, with great productivity.