In September, 16-21 EMO Hannover 2019 – a key event of the year 2019 for the metalworking industry – took place.

The specialists from all over the world came to Hannover to visit the exhibition and gain current knowledge as well as to stay up-to-date with the latest industrial trends!
VEKPROM’s management accompanied by its leading technical specialists visited the exhibition in search for the new, more precise, high performance and functional solutions for the national production plants. We believe it is necessary to take part in the major events of the industry to be one step ahead of the competitors. It is essential to improve constantly and act for the benefit of our customers: select and offer the most economically viable and cost-effective metalworking solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the best only equipment using the latest technologies, which would definitely meet your specific needs, tasks and requirements.

EMO Hannover 2019 is one of the biggest metalworking events both in terms of exhibition area and the number of active visitors. It was rather interesting to share experience with high-level experts gathered together in one place during the exhibition and to consider their estimates and opinions regarding the business area development trends in general.

The world leading machine-tool builders whose equipment is famous for its quality, reliability and efficiency took part in EMO 2019.
The exhibition has also presented a great opportunity to meet personally our long-standing partners – Ermaksan, Beka-Mak and Optimum representatives, with whom we have had successful cooperation for a rather long time. The exhibition allowed us to hold productive meetings and discuss further plans for the development of the mutually beneficial relations.